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Donations URGENTLY Needed! 

The Society for Companion Animals (SFCA) rescues adoptable dogs from the streets and high-kill shelters and flies them to no-kill partner shelters in New York and New Jersey, where there is a shortage of adoptable dogs, and families anxious to provide forever homes.


In good times and in bad, SFCA is saving the lives of endangered dogs and delivering them to forever homes. Our work has grown infinitely more difficult during this pandemic, but we never stop. The dogs need us now more than ever! With so many people out of work, laid off, and unable to pay their bills, homeless animals languish waiting for a loving family to take them. 


All the funds SFCA raises go to the care and transport of the dogs – there is no paid staff, no rent, etc. We make our funds stretch a really long way by receiving a reduced rate from American Airlines to fly the dogs; Southwest Airlines returns the dog crates to us pro-bono; volunteers do the ground transport and fostering of the dogs; and a local veterinarian treats the dogs and provides health certificates at a reduced rate. 

Your donations during this time are more valuable than ever and immensely appreciated. If you can, please consider making a donation to SFCA to help us continue our efforts to rescue homeless dogs.  

Polly got well through acupuncture. A treatment she was able to receive thanks to your donations. See her video here: 

Once upon a time...

Journey Streets

I might be big, old, black, a nursing mom with new-born puppies, suffering from heartworm, mange, or injury, finding myself discarded, living in abandoned homes and wandering the streets in South Dallas. Some of my friends are picked up by animal control and taken to the municipal shelter where many are euthanized. 


Hope Arrives

Hope Arrives

Stories of Hope

But one day a woman fed me and tried to pet me. I was very afraid. Humans have not been my friends in the past....


Tawana Couch, Society For Companion Animals (SFCA) Founder and President, spends a lot of her day combing the South Dallas streets for abandoned and neglected dogs. She spends hours trying to get them to trust her so she can get them to safety.

SFCA often rescues dogs from kill shelters, which have limited space. SFCA works with vets to get these dogs medically assessed and treated. They are placed in boarding during the rehabilitation period and once healthy, they are flown to shelters in parts of the U.S. that have a waiting list for dogs. Many are pre-adopted before they even arrive. 

There are many expenses involved in saving these souls: veterinary care, boarding, food, and transport. There are many ways you can help!

You can foster one of these special dogs, or be a "One Night Stand", you can help us assemble crates or be a Paws Taxi Driver - Click Here to see details.

And of course every dollar helps, so if you can spare a little, please consider donating:

Stories of Hope
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